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1. Has there been any environmental testing on the soil or existing buildings?
2. Is this affordable housing, student housing or multi-family housing?
3. There has been discussion on the realignment of Albert Avenue and future infrastructure improvements for this area. What is the plan for these improvements?
4. Should proposals include the proposed MSUFCU project on the City Lot #4?
5. How many parking spaces is MSUFCU needing for their project?
6. It was mentioned that Parking Lot #15 has underground infrastructure. How will this be addressed?
7. Should it be assumed that the public infrastructure improvements will be the responsibility of the developers and should be included as part of their proposal or will the City be responsible for it?
8. The properties are currently located within a Historic District. How will this be addressed?
9. In the proposal it requires the submission of a sworn statement. that the submitting entity is not delinquent on any taxes. Will the City be providing the form?
10. Can other property owned by the City of East Lansing be included as part of a proposed project?