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Harrison Meadows Park


  1. basketball court
  2. Northern Tier Trail access
  3. parking
  4. passive natural areas
  5. paved trails/walkways
  6. pavillion/shade structure
  7. picnic tables
  8. playground
  9. pond
  10. small play field
Harrison Meadows Park is a popular multi-use area adjacent to the Northern Tier Trail. It’s one of the few wildlife parks in the city and has a large natural area that is visible from the paved trail running through it. There are play structures near the parking area and a basketball court that is in excellent condition. This area attracts numerous birds due to the low/medium growth shrubs, open fields, and low lands, with surrounding mature trees. There are bird boxes placed throughout. The parking area is on Roxburgh and is circular with parking around the perimeter.

Harrison Meadows Park is one of the eight city parks that are linked to the linear Northern Tier Trail and is being actively managed under the Environmental Stewardship program. Volunteers have cleared four acres of buckthorn and 90 trees and shrubs with the help of funds and volunteers from MSUFCU. A butterfly garden on the eastern end of the park and perennial raised berm north of the parking lot are also maintained by volunteers.