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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Age-Friendly Community Committee
  3. Art Selection Panel
  4. Arts Commission
  5. Board of Review
  6. Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
  7. Building Board of Appeals
  8. Census 2020
  9. Citizen Innovation and Technology Panel
  10. City Council Meetings (Prior to October 2012)
  11. City Council Work Session (Prior to October 2012)
  12. Commission on the Environment
  13. Community Development Advisory Committee
  14. DDA Public Policy & Market Development Committee
  15. Downtown Development Authority
  16. Downtown Development Authority Business & Market Development Committee
  17. Downtown Development Authority Executive & Finance Committee
  18. Downtown Development Authority Housing Policy Committee
  19. Downtown Development Authority Project & Infrastructure Committee
  20. Downtown Development Authority Public Policy Committee
  21. Downtown Development Authority Restaurant Committee
  22. Downtown Management Board
  23. Downtown Management Board Business Relations Committee
  1. Downtown Management Board Marketing Committee
  2. East Lansing Hannah Community Center Committee
  3. Economic Development Corporation
  4. Economic Sustainability Steering Committee
  5. Election Commission
  6. Greater Lansing Taxi Authority
  7. Historic District Commission
  8. Housing Commission
  9. Housing Steering Committee
  10. Human Dignity, Community Education & Civic Participation Steering Committee
  11. Human Relations Commission
  12. Library Board of Trustees
  13. Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority
  14. Officers Compensation Commission
  15. Park District Planning Area Review Team
  16. Parking Requirements Committee
  17. Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission
  18. Seniors' Commission
  19. Transportation Commission
  20. Transportation, Infrastructure & Environmental Sustainability Steering Committee
  21. University Student Commission
  22. Urban Form Steering Committee
  23. Zoning Board of Appeals