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All-of-us Express Children's Theatre Crew Sign-Up Form

  1. This form should only be used if you are NOT auditioning. If you are auditioning, you will fill out a form in person.

  2. CAUTION: Failure to state all conflicts may result in removal from cast or crew!
  3. Bio Information
  4. List up to three. Ex: Pooh in Winnie-the-Pooh or Costumes for The Little Mermaid.
  5. List up to three.
  6. Crew Sign Up

    If you are not cast and would like to serve on a crew for this show, fill out the following section. (You MUST do a crew after you are cast before you are cast again.) PLEASE: Number your choices, with 1 being your top choice and 5 being your last choice.

  7. Ages 11-18
  8. Ages 12-18
  9. Ages 14-18
  10. All Ages
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