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Arts Commission

  1. Arts Commission Cultural Arts Grant Final Report

    The Cultural Arts Grant requires a Final Report, which is used to evaluate funding. Please complete, sign and return the Final Report... More…

City Clerk

  1. Automatic Application List Online Form

    Submit this form to be added to the East Lansing City Clerk's Automatic Application List. Once added to the list, you will... More…

  2. Election Inspectors Training Session Verification
  1. Election Inspector Application
  2. Taxicab Complaint Form

    The City of East Lansing takes complaints against taxicab drivers and companies seriously. If you have a complaint, please complete... More…


  1. Contact Us!

    The City of East Lansing welcomes your feedback, questions and comments. Complete the online form below and your inquiry will be... More…

  2. Interview Request Form
  3. Volunteer

    Get involved! The City of East Lansing offers a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the organization. If you would like to... More…

  1. COVID-19 Screening Survey

    COVID-19 Employee Health Screening Survey

  2. Request Relocation Packet

    Thinking of moving to East Lansing? Request a relocation packet and receive information regarding living in East Lansing, including... More…


  1. ELPD Feedback

    The East Lansing Department welcomes feedback. Please feel free to share a job well done or concerns about the ELPD.

  1. Overnight Parking Requests

Financial Health Review Team

  1. Financial Health Review Team Feedback

    Community members are invited to submit feedback and ideas to the Financial Health Review Team by completing this form. *Please note... More…

Human Relations Commission

  1. Human Relations Commission Initial Inquiry Form

    Please complete this online form to the best of your ability. A staff member will contact you to discuss your concern and to schedule... More…

Planning, Building & Development

  1. Center City District Feedback
  2. Comprehensive Plan Feedback
  3. Report a Vacant or Abandoned House

    If you suspect a vacant or abandoned house, please complete this online form.

  1. Complaint Response Form

    Complaints regarding rental housing can be submitted online.

  2. Park District Feedback

Public Works

  1. Pilot On-Street Parking Program Feedback Form
  2. Yard Waste / Bulk Item Collection Request
  1. Water Service Line and Water Meters

    Please help the City of East Lansing update its water service line and water meter records by filling out the following form. Thank... More…