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1. Are we required to withhold East Lansing income tax from our employee's pay?
2. How often do we need to submit payment to the City of East Lansing?
3. What do we do if we have a City of Lansing (or other city with an income tax) resident for which we are currently withholding 1%, but they work in East Lansing?
4. What happens if I over withhold from an employee because they do not work 100% of their time within the City of East Lansing?
5. How will the $5,000 exemption for those who are dependents on another's return impact the employer withholding?
6. Our payroll system will not allow us to withhold two work (non-resident) taxes, one for the City of East Lansing and another city subject to an income tax. What do we do?
7. What does an employer need to report at the end of the year?
8. We do not process our payroll in house, but rather use a payroll processing service. What do we need to do?
9. What happens if we do not withhold as required by the Uniform Income Tax ordinance?