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1. We have an interest in replying to this RFP, but understand responses take a considerable investment in time and funds...
2. Could the deadline for questions be moved into January given that we are likely to have questions throughout the development of our proposals?
3. Could you the proposed revised layout for Albert Avenue. We are interested in seeing how much land will remain available where 303 Abbot currently sits.
4. Do you know if The Peoples’ Church was supportive or against the previous project proposals for this area?
5. There are several buildings in the "center" portion of the area-of-consideration. Are these buildings currently occupied?
6. The RFQ/P identifies the “Land” as an “Incentive/Financial Resource” (page 9). It notes that the land will be available for sale or lease. What are the City’s expectations related to this?
7. Has there been any environmental testing on the soil or existing buildings?
8. Are there any soil borings available for the properties (reports on soil bearing capacity, hard pan depth and water table height)?
9. The City completed an infrastructure analysis for the previously proposed project - is this available for review?