Will deer removal be an annual activity in East Lansing's parks?

Just as the decision to remove deer this winter took many years of community input, research and thoughtful consideration, post removal input will be collected and considered. The City intends to measure the outcomes of this removal by surveying residents and continuing to monitor deer herds and deer-vehicle accidents so that future decisions can be made. As this is the first population reduction that the City has attempted, it would not be unusual, based on the experience of other communities, for the City to need to continue to address deer overpopulation in future years.

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1. Why is the City of East Lansing (City) reducing the deer population?
2. How is the City reducing the deer population?
3. What is happening with the venison from the removal?
4. When and where is this work taking place?
5. What is being done to ensure safety?
6. I didn’t think that hunting with a firearm was allowed within 450 feet of a residence without written permission of the owner. How is the City able to perform this deer removal?
7. Are there other communities in Michigan that have removed deer by firearms?
8. Will deer removal be an annual activity in East Lansing's parks?
9. I understand that the deer removal has been completed as of Jan. 22. How many deer were removed from each park?