When and where is this work taking place?

The City’s MDNR permit for this activity is valid from January 2, 2021-March 1, 2021. This will be an operation that takes place on one to two weekday evenings per week, and likely will be completed before the full amount of time allowed by the permit. The one to two nights per week will vary based on weather conditions and other USDA commitments. Parks will be open on the weekends. On the evenings that the operation is taking place, the park closures will be pulled by 6 p.m. indicating that the park is closed from 6 p.m.-7 a.m. to allow for the removal operation. The signs on the closures are large, purposefully.

The parks where deer removal is taking place include Abbot Road Park, the East Lansing Family Aquatic Center/Softball Complex, Harrison Meadows Park, Henry Fine Park, White Park, Burcham Park and Patriarche Park. On an evening when USDA Wildlife Services Biologists are in East Lansing removing deer, all of the listed parks will be closed and they will be working in all parks throughout the evening.  

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1. Why is the City of East Lansing (City) reducing the deer population?
2. How is the City reducing the deer population?
3. What is happening with the venison from the removal?
4. When and where is this work taking place?
5. What is being done to ensure safety?
6. I didn’t think that hunting with a firearm was allowed within 450 feet of a residence without written permission of the owner. How is the City able to perform this deer removal?
7. Are there other communities in Michigan that have removed deer by firearms?
8. Will deer removal be an annual activity in East Lansing's parks?
9. I understand that the deer removal has been completed as of Jan. 22. How many deer were removed from each park?