What is the process for applying? How long does it take?

The process involves a special use permit that runs with the property, not the business or owner. The property owner must sign the land use development application which makes them aware of the applicant’s desire to obtain a special use permit for the property. The process takes a minimum of three months and two public hearings will be held; Planning Commission makes a recommendation to City Council and City Council makes the final decision.

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1. Which zoning allows for provisioning center facilities?
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3. Is there a cap to the number of provisioning center facilities the City is allowing?
4. Do I have to be pre-qualified to apply?
5. How many applications is the City of East Lansing accepting?
6. What is the process for applying? How long does it take?
7. Given we are not constructing a new building, is the entire application required to be completed?
8. Is a pre-application meeting with the Planning Department required?
9. If my application is first, does that guarantee that it will be reviewed and possibly approved first?
10. Where can I find additional information?