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Northern Tier Trail


Northern Tier Trail Brochure and Map (PDF)


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The Northern Tier Trail takes center stage along 4.8 miles of beautiful winding paved pathways. The trail connects eight community parks and recreation facilities and is a natural showcase for a variety of wildlife, plants, flowers, trees and wetlands. The Northern Tier Trail is the perfect destination for those who enjoy hiking, jogging, biking, rollerblading, bird watching and more.
  • The main trunk of the Northern Tier Trail was completed in 1999. The trail is paved with three inches of asphalt. Since the trail is 10 feet wide, there's plenty of room for everyone!
  • The newest branch from the Soccer Complex to Chandler Road was completed in 2015.
  • The Northern Tier Trail is a protective buffer for the Sanderson and Remy Chandler drains. The drain system is an important natural feature in this area.
  • The trail offers non-motorized access to many East Lansing neighborhoods and parks and recreation facilities.
  • The Northern Tier Trail is available and accessible year-round for fitness and fun in any season!

Directions to Northern Tier Trail Parking Lots

Soccer Complex

Chandler Road north to Coleman Road. Coleman Road west 1/4 mile to Soccer Complex entry drive on left. Paved parking.

Abbot Road Park

Lake Lansing Road to Abbot Road. Abbot Road north 1/4 mile. Abbot Road Park entry drive on left. Gravel parking.

Aquatic Center

Lake Lansing Road to Abbot Road. Road north 1/4 mile. Aquatic Center entry drive on right. Paved parking.

East Lansing Fire Station

Saginaw Street to Abbot Road. Abbot Road north 3/4 mile to Fire Station. Parking behind Station. Paved parking.

Harrison Meadows Park

Harrison Road north to Gainsborough Drive. East on Gainsborough Drive to Roxburgh Avenue. North on Roxburgh Avenue to Harrison Meadows Park. Paved parking.
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