When is this pilot project taking place?

The pilot project is funded for six months. While originally planned for fall 2022 and winter 2023, the project timeline was shifted to account for fluctuations in population and recycling habits caused by the holiday season. In late 2022, equipment was calibrated, and baseline data was collected. The educational component, which includes postcard mailings, is slated to begin in January 2023 and conclude in late spring. The City and its partners spent the time leading up to the project spreading the word and sharing details of the project. A project informational mailer was sent to every address and information was included in the Curbside Journal. Staff also updated the Commission on the Environment on project progress, presented to Council and participated in a variety of media interviews on the project. This FAQ is a summary of the information previously distributed.

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1. Why has the City launched this pilot project?
2. When is this pilot project taking place?
3. What happens if contamination is found in my recycling cart?
4. I received a postcard. Now what?