How does the reimbursement program work?

Prior to applying for a reimbursement, the property owner will need to hire a licensed plumber/contractor to perform the work and the plumber/contractor will need to obtain a plumbing permit from the City of East Lansing's Building Division. Once the installation is completed, it will also need to be inspected by the City's Building Division prior to submittal of the program application. Eligible property owners will need to include the following required attachments with their application: an itemized project invoice from the licensed contractor/plumber, proof of payment by the property owner, a copy of the plumbing permit issued by the City and proof of an approved final inspection by the City. This program is also being offered retroactively to property owners who have already hired a licensed plumber/contractor to have this work done, as long as the work was completed on or after March 3, 2021 and meets all eligibility and application requirements.  

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1. What is the Property Owner Assistance Program for Basement Backup Protection?
2. Who is eligible for the program?
3. What is the cost to the property owner?
4. How does the reimbursement program work?
5. Will a backflow prevention valve fix the flooding problem in my basement?
6. If tree roots and/or a damaged pipe is causing the basement backup, will a backflow prevention valve solve my problem?
7. What happens if I get another sewer backup after the valve is installed?
8. Am I responsible for maintaining the device that is installed?
9. Is this program available for rental properties and businesses?
10. Where can I find the application for this program?
11. What if I have questions about this program?