Who is involved with the project?
  • Construction: Leavitt & Starck Excavating, Inc., Lansing, Mich.
  • Engineering: Tetra Tech, Lansing, Mich.
  • City of East Lansing: Department of Public Works & Environmental Services

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1. Why is this project happening?
2. When is construction scheduled to begin? How long will it take?
3. Why were the trees removed along Michigan Avenue? Will they be replaced?
4. Will emergency vehicles access be maintained? What about bus service?
5. Will the City’s trash/recycling services be disrupted during this project?
6. How will cut through traffic in neighborhoods be handled?
7. How will non-motorized traffic be impacted during the lane closures on Michigan Avenue?
8. Will there be any disruption to water and sewer service?
9. Will residents in construction areas have access to their driveway?
10. What are the working hours of the contractor?
11. Who is responsible for funding and financing this project? How much will it cost?
12. Who is involved with the project?