What is an income tax?

An income tax is a tax levied by a government directly on a percentage of income; it’s typically an annual tax on personal and business income. For a city income tax, the percentage is established at 1% for residents and .5% for non-residents. See Question #5 under the FAQs for Individuals for income that is exempt from the tax. 

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1. What is an income tax?
2. What other communities in Michigan have an income tax?
3. Will property taxes be reduced now that the income tax proposal has passed?
4. Will the City be able to raise property taxes again in the future?
5. Will my total taxes go up or down?
6. How much funding will be generated from the income tax?
7. When will the income tax and property tax reduction be implemented?
8. Could the income tax give City Council access to residents' tax returns/income information?
9. How will 425 Agreements be impacted by the income tax?