Meet the Trainers

Kayce Shepard
Stacie Macias
Kayce Shepard - Certified Personal Trainer, ACE and AFAA
Kayce Shepard has a broad background in health and fitness for more than 20 years. First as a collegiate athlete (MSU track & field) and coach (MSU cheerleading), Kayce is a certified by ACE and 
AFAA as a personal trainer and group instructor respectively. Kayce takes a holistic approach to health. It's not just exercise or is whole life balance! Kayce has joined the ELHCC fitness team to help clients achieve balance for a more healthy and productive life! Kayce is a graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. in Journalism and a a M.Ed. degree from Central Michigan University.

Stacie Macias - Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise

Stacie has been leading group exercise classes for all ages and fitness levels since 2009 through the YMCA, East Lansing Hannah Community Center and a variety of other venues, including 4-H youth camps and after-school programs. Her certifications include personal training, Punk Rope and BodyWorks (a program teaching families how to establish healthy habits).

Stacie strives to bring an element of fun into workout sessions because she believes that working out should be challenging yet enjoyable. To meet the needs of clients, programs are personalized so that the client is motivated to achieve his or her goals. Stacie focuses on balance to ensure clients’ successes in implementing healthy habits into their lives. 

Stacie also works as a nurse, has a BS in Community Development with a concentration on health studies and enjoys learning and growing in both her personal life and in her profession. In Stacie’s spare time, she enjoys reading, playing board games and engaging in physical activities such as biking, snowshoeing and playing soccer. 

Michael Macias
Michael Macias - Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise
As a certified Punk Rope instructor (interval training with jump ropes), I have taught group fitness classes at the YMCA and for businesses at work retreats. I am a licensed soccer coach and train both teams and individuals in running, soccer and softball. I am a graduate of Michigan State University (Go Green!). Both through work and through a stint in the infantry in the US Marine Corp, I have traveled internationally.

I promote physical fitness with fun, healthy living, forming relationships and friendly competition. "It is all about quality not quantity in your attitude, lifestyle, relationships and performance. When you do even the smallest thing correctly, it will bear good results long term."