Housing Survey

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The Friends of the East Lansing Seniors Program, Prime Time Seniors Program and the City of East Lansing received a $5,000 grant to support a senior housing survey and two community forums regarding current and future senior housing needs in East Lansing. The purpose of the survey was to provide city officials, staff and developers with a clear assessment of the housing needs of seniors and retirees living or wishing to live in East Lansing. The grant was made possible by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission as part of the Community Reinvestment Fund, which is administered by the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council.

The project partners distributed the survey via the U.S. mail and email to East Lansing residents and Prime Time participants (ages 51 years or older). In addition, an online survey was emailed to almost 64,000 MSU alums (ages 51 years and above) and to 3,500 members of the MSU Retiree Association.

Final Survey Results

The information gathered through the survey and community forums was used to explore housing options for seniors in the East Lansing and provided input for the 2013 / 2014 Comprehensive Plan update.

View the Senior Housing Survey Report (PDF).
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