All-of-us Express Children's Theatre is always seeking talented youth participants! No previous training or experience is required to audition. There is no fee to audition, but there are participation fees. For productions during the school year, children between the ages of 9-18 can  audition. For productions during the summer, children between the ages of 6-18 can audition.  

Audition Information

  • Auditions are held on Thursdays and Fridays from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. and some Saturdays from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center. Callbacks are held on Saturdays from 2-5 p.m. and are by invitation only. There is no fee to audition, but there are participation fees.
  • Complimentary scripts can be checked out at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center front desk. A $10 deposit is required and the script must be returned no later than one week before auditions begin. The late fee is .25 cents per day.
  • Once a member has been cast, regardless of the part, the member must work on a crew before they can be cast again. It is possible to work on crew in two shows, then be cast in two shows, but you cannot "bank" crew points beyond that. The idea is to give everyone a chance to be cast in shows and to require everyone to learn something about what goes on behind the scenes. Some crews (assistant director, sound, lights) require a certain level of experience.
  • If a potential member only wants to be placed on a crew, you simply fill out the forms and then you may leave.
  • *Audition Workshops are two-hour classes that teach youth what it's like to audition for an All-of-Us Express show. Please call to sign up in advance; enrollment is limited! Cost $5/members and $10/non-members.
  • At the audition, participants complete the necessary forms and get their picture and measurements taken. Participants will then sit down until they are called to come forward with a small group of other kids. Parents may remain with you if they wish. After you are called forward, the kids in your group will read from the script and do some creative movement. Everyone reads at least twice (you may not be reading an appropriate part at this point). This part takes about 15 minutes.
  • Some people are asked to return for callbacks on the final day of auditions. If you receive a callback, it does not mean that you will get a part and if you do not receive a call back, it does not mean you will not get a part. If you are called back, you must stay for the entire session, usually three hours, because the director may have you read for several parts. Following callbacks, you are notified by letter, within a day or two, of the results, and should phone us immediately to let us know if you will accept the part offered. If you don't get a part, you can participate on a crew. Our policy is that you must serve on a crew to be cast again.

Tips For Auditioning

  • Will you accept a non-speaking role? On our audition form, we ask if you will accept a non-speaking role. We do this because we don't want to take the effort to cast you for a part you will not accept. Casting often means matching performers for size or other characteristics. When a person turns down a part, sometimes the casting has to change to make everything fit right.
  • Can you speak loud enough? The director wants to know is whether you can speak loudly enough to be heard, and whether you speak with lots of expression (not in a flat monotone).
  • Do you understand the characters? The director looks for performers who understand the characters. For instance, is your character happy or sad at a particular point in the script and can you express those feelings with your voice and body.
  • Does the cast have a visual presence? The director looks for a variety of body shapes to create an interesting picture on stage.
  • Can you learn and grow? For most shows you have a pretty good chance of being offered a part of some kind. However, not everyone always get a part. Sometimes there just isn't anything that is right for you. If you are not offered a part in a show that does not mean you are no good! Keep trying!