Vacant Property

The City of East Lansing adopted Ordinance 1304 - Vacant and Abandoned Property Registration (PDF) to protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens by preventing blight, protecting property values and neighborhood integrity. Through partnerships with community members and Parking and Code Enforcement (PACE), the ordinance will ensure that the community maintains safe and blight-free neighborhoods.

The Vacant Property Coordinator will work with property owners to eliminate all impediments that keep owners from maintaining their properties and is responsible for maintaining a tracking system to identify vacant and abandoned properties and make sure property owners are taking responsibility.

Report a Vacant or Abandoned Property
Community members can report a vacant property using this online form.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • All vacant and abandoned properties are required, by the owner, to be registered as vacant or abandoned so that the City is able to contact owners for property maintenance issues and fire/police purposes.
  • Property owners can register their property by completing the Abandoned and Vacant Property Registration Form (PDF).
  • The annual registration fee is $150 and it covers the required exterior inspection fee upon registration of the vacant or abandoned property. Any re-inspections mandated as a result of additional complaints or other non compliance would be subject to re-inspection fees of $60.
  • Any violation of the ordinance shall be deemed a civil infraction.
  • A number of maintenance and security aspects are required. The requirements include landscaped and maintained visible front and side yards, pools and spas kept in working order, secured properties that are not accessible to unauthorized persons and maintenance of properties in compliance with all other applicable code requirements. Boarded doors and windows are prohibited other than for short-term emergency purposes. View Inspection Guidelines (PDF).
  • Learn more by reading the Vacant Property: One Pager Plus (PDF).