Public Access to Court Records

Public court records can be viewed online at

Requests for copies of a public record must be submitted on a File / Copy Request Form (PDF). A specific case number or the party name is required to provide requested information.

Pursuant to the Court’s local administrative order 2020-7:

1. The court will provide up to five copies of case file documents at a cost of $1.00 per page within 1 hour of the request for copies, except that copies of transcripts filed with the court shall not exceed $.30 per page pursuant to MCL 600.2543.

2. Requests for more than five total copies of case file documents will be accommodated within a reasonable amount of time as determined by the (1) total number of pages to be copied, (2) availability of court staff and photocopying equipment, and (3) nature of the request, such as the degree to which court staff is required to identify, select and review documents to be copied. See Section 6 regarding copies of records viewed at the public access terminal.

3. Requests to have copies of register of actions mailed will be assessed $1.00 per page. Must include self-addressed, stamped envelope with request.

4. Certified copies of a file will be assessed $10.00 plus $1.00 per subsequent page.

5. Any person may access and inspect, at no charge, any case record or information contained in those records, regardless of means of access and record format, unless access is restricted by statute, court rule, or a court order entered pursuant to MCR 8.119(I), and may make photographic copies in accordance with MCR 8.115(C)(5)(a) or obtain copies subject to the following regulations established in accordance with MCR 8.119(J).

Contact one of the agencies below for a complete criminal or driving record. 

For Criminal Record Checks: 
To obtain a Criminal Record Check either contact the Michigan State Police Central Records Division at (517) 241-0606 or go to the Michigan State Police Website at: to obtain information on how to use the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT).

To obtain a Driving (Traffic) Record, contact: 

  • Michigan Department of State
    Commercial Look-up Unit
    7064 Crowner Drive
    Lansing, MI 48918
    Telephone: (517) 322-1624.

View Local Administrative Order 2020-07 Public Access to Court Records