Fines & Costs Notice

Notice to Individuals Paying Civil Infraction Fines & Costs After October 1, 2003

Traffic and other civil infractions are written under state law or city ordinance.

State law encourages each district court to publish a schedule of standard fines and costs imposed for civil infractions. This court has published such a schedule and it is publicly and prominently posted in the court's lobby area.

Effective October 1, 2003 state law requires the court to add to the fines and costs established for traffic civil infractions in the amount of $40. This assessment is called a "justice system assessment." The following state programs receive a portion of the assessment: highway safety fund, jail reimbursement fund, secondary road patrol and training fund, the legislative retirement system and the state court fund.

Effective October 1, 2003, state law requires the court to add $10 to fines and costs established for non-traffic civil infractions.

The City of East Lansing and/or the 54B District Court receive no part of the $40 or $10 assessment. In fact, the amount allocated to the state court fund is distributed to local funding units that are cities.

Without the added justice system assessment, each traffic civil infractions standard fines and costs would be $40 less, and the amount imposed for non-traffic civil infractions would be $10 or less.

The $40 and $10 assessment is imposed by state statute. Complaints about the increase should be addressed to the complainant's state legislator.

Fines and Costs for Civil Infractions - Effective July 24, 2018