Ordinance 1165: Class 1 Rental License

Class I rental licenses are for owner-occupied properties where the owner wants to have a roomer reside with the owner and owner's family.

Changes for Class I Rental Licenses as Amended in Ordinance 1165
  • The license will expire if the owner ceases to reside in the premise.
  • The license expires upon sale of the property (this is not a change)
  • A new owner of a property that had a Class I license prior to the sale of the property cannot have the license re issued administratively to them.
  • All owners MUST own AND reside at a property for at least 18 months PRIOR to submission of a rental license application.
  • The housing commission will review all Class I rental license applications for Class I rental licenses and make recommendation to City Council
  • City Council will authorize all Class I rental licenses to owners
Changes With Class I Rental Licenses
  • The license is still renewed once every three years as long as the owner has not changed.
  • The renewal and inspection process has not changed.