General Court Information

The 54B District Court was established by the Michigan Legislature in 1968 pursuant to constitutional mandate. There are 259 district judges in Michigan, two of which serve six-year terms in the East Lansing 54B District Court. The judges are the Honorable Molly E. Hennessey Greenwalt, Chief Judge, and the Honorable Lisa L. Babcock, District Judge.

The 54B District Court is operated under the state judicial system and is funded by the City of East Lansing. All revenues not statutorily designated are returned to the City's general fund.

The 54B District Court handles all cases occurring within the City of East Lansing, including:

  • Criminal cases, including preliminary examinations for felonies and misdemeanors,
  • Civil cases up to $25,000, including small claims disputes up to $5,500 and landlord/tenant disputes
  • Civil infractions, including traffic and parking violations.