Housing Steering Committee

Housing Steering Committee
The Housing Steering Committee focuses on policies that ensure safe and affordable housing opportunities for persons of all ages, incomes and cultures, and policies which identify the appropriate housing densities where redevelopment opportunities border existing housing stock and commercial structures.
  • Stephen Wooden, Chairperson
  • Paul Stokstad, Vice Chairperson
  • Rachel Asbury
  • Kathleen Corkin Boyle
  • Kathleen Duncan
  • Vennie Gore
  • Brian Hagan
  • Wayne Hiner
  • Jacob Horner
  • Julie Jones-Fisk
  • Mike Leffler

  • Sabrina Nagel
  • Alice Martin
  • Betty Nocera
  • Caleigh Nowlin
  • Joanne Russell
  • Jim Secor
  • Mary Lou Terrien
  • Rawley Van Fossen
  • Darcy Schmitt, Lead Staff Support
  • Amy Schlusler, Staff Support
  • Annette Irwin, Staff Support