Steering Committees

The steering committees members will be ambassadors to the community for the Comprehensive Plan process. The committee members will be able to solicit input, inform the public about the process, spread the information further than Staff alone can do, and help get more of the public involved in the input process, which is vital to the overall success of the Comprehensive Plan.
Human Dignity
Human Dignity, Community Education & Civic Participation Steering Committee
This committee focuses on policies that advance and achieve social equity and healthy lifestyles among residents of all ages, income and cultures and policies which improve access to information and knowledge about issues affecting the community. Learn more.
Economic Stability
Economic Sustainability Steering Committee
This committee focuses on policies that protect and improve the economic conditions of the city by encouraging community growth in a way that can be sustained for many years into the future. Learn more.
Steering Committee
Housing Steering Committee
This committee focuses on policies that ensure safe and affordable housing opportunities for persons of all ages, incomes and cultures, and policies which identify the appropriate housing densities where redevelopment opportunities border existing housing stock and commercial structures. Learn more.
Transportation, Infrastructure & Environmental Sustainability Steering Committee
This committee focuses on policies that recognize the communities motorized and non-motorized transportation needs relative to land use patterns, the physical structures that are needed for the city to function, and the long term effects of development on the environment. Learn more.
Urban Form Steering Committee
Urban Form Steering Committee
This committee focuses on policies that consider the physical shape and structure of the city as it is formed by buildings, streets, land uses, art and aesthetic choices made by past and present residents to formulate how the urban fabric is configured in the future. Learn more.

About the Members

The steering committee members are primarily volunteer members of the community.  Other members are volunteers who have a vested interest in the community and or are have participated in other local or regional planning efforts.


UPDATE: Please note that the steering committees have finished their work on the Master Plan and there will be no additional public meetings for the steering committees.

PREVIOUS INFORMATION: The committees will hold, at a minimum, one meeting per month. Each steering committee will consist of a Planning Commissioner Chair and a Vice Chair to keep the meetings on task and to make sure that all persons are treated with respect and are fully participating in the process. Each committee will have a Staff Liaison Team for meeting and informational support. Because each of the focus areas is interrelated, the steering committees will periodically meet as one group to present outcomes to date.

It will also be the responsibility of all committee members to be present at as many of the public input meetings as possible to help facilitate input from the larger community and to be prepared to incorporate input from these meetings into their focus topic working document.

Please note, the steering committee members do not necessarily represent a particular stakeholder group, neighborhood, board, or commission; however, it is expected that their experiences working within the City, living in the neighborhoods, participating in community events, and acting on a board or commission will all bring a unique perspective to the overall process and be reflected in their recommendations to the Planning Commission.