MSU Federal Credit Union

About MSU Federal Credit Union
Founded in 1937, the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) has become a household name among those who live, work and play in the Greater Lansing area.

In its more than 70 years in the region, MSUFCU has gone from operating out of a desk drawer in the MSU Administration building to becoming one of largest university-based credit unions in the world, with eight branches and more than 200 employees throughout mid-Michigan. The East Lansing-based banking institution currently has more than $1.6 billion in assets and a membership of more than 148,000 – numbers that are sure to continue to grow with the recent opening of its new, eco-friendly headquarters at 3777 West Road.
Pat McPharlin
New Headquarters
The “new build” on West Road represents MSUFCU’s continued investment in the City of East Lansing and its community members, as well as its stewardship to the environment. The headquarters feature 144,000 square feet of office space, conference rooms and more. Eco-friendly elements of the building and site include plenty of natural day lighting for staff, low-energy light fixtures, a raised floor that reduces heating and cooling costs by an estimated 40 percent, low-water faucets and toilets, plants and flowers on site that require little to no irrigation, a site landscaped and designed to retain water, a white roof and more.

MSUFCU is currently in the process of receiving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification on the new structure and site, which is the result of years of collaboration among MSUFCU officials, Michigan State University undergrad and grad student consultants and City of East Lansing officials and staff.

Benefits of East Lansing
When asked about the West Road project, MSUFCU President/CEO Patrick McPharlin said “We wanted to continue to promote ourselves as a healthy and growing business. I think this new building makes a statement about our business. It is our brand and says something about who we are as an organization. We have created a space where people are happy to work and do business.”

“This is one of the first large LEED buildings to be constructed in the East Lansing community and all of the City of East Lansing officials we worked with were not only open to the project, but extremely accommodating throughout the planning and construction phases,” McPharlin went on to say.

When asked why MSUFCU decided to keep its headquarters in the City of East Lansing, McPharlin said “We just felt it was important to continue to be a part of the East Lansing-MSU community because many of our members – whether they are faculty, students or residents – call East Lansing home.”

“East Lansing is a very attractive place to not only establish a business, but also to live,” McPharlin went on to say. “This community offers up the charm of a small City to its residents and patrons, but at the same time offers many of the things you would find in a large city, such as arts offerings, sporting events and more.”

Additional Information
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