Annual Water Quality Report

The East Lansing-Meridian Water & Sewer Authority's (ELMWSA) most recent Water Quality Report can be opened using Adobe Reader. To request a printed copy, please call Pam Wygant or Clyde Dugan at (517) 337-7535 during normal business hours.

This report is published annually by June 30 and reflects the water quality for the previous calendar year.

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East Lansing and Meridian Township Water System Advisory Council 

Meetings are held at noon on the third Thursday of the month at the East Lansing Department of Public Works, 1800 E. State Road, East Lansing, MI 48823.

Addressing Lead Concerns

There has been a lot of recent news coverage about lead in the Flint water system. To address any local concerns, ELMWSA would like to provide some information that helps to clarify how the East Lansing and Meridian Township water supply is different.

Water supplied to East Lansing and Meridian Township comes from a very consistent source of groundwater from wells that draw from a deep sandstone aquifer. This well water is then treated to reduce hardness, resulting in a consistent supply of drinking water that is optimized for corrosion control. Any lead in a home's drinking water would come from corrosion of lead water services, leaded brass plumbing fixtures or from copper plumbing that was joined using lead-based solder. By controlling the corrosivity of the water, the amount of lead in the tap is kept to a minimum. ELMWSA has been testing for lead in homes since 1992 and the results have consistently been in full compliance with the regulations, with lead levels below the Action Level of .015 parts per million (ppm).

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What can the customer do to reduce lead in drinking water?

Lead Testing

If community members are interested, they can have their water tested for lead. Here are some resources:

  • Contact the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's (MDEQ) Drinking Water Laboratory at (517) 335-8184 to request a sample. The lab will provide a sample bottle and instructions on sample collection. The customer will be charged $18 for each lead test or $26 per test if a copper analysis is also requested.
  • Sample bottles can also be requested by contacting the Ingham County Health Department at (517) 887-4312 or ELMWSA at (517) 337-7535.
  • If the customer would prefer to make their own arrangements with a commercial laboratory, they can also view a List of Certified Labs on the MDEQ website.

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