Park District Planning Area

The Park District Planning Area is a redevelopment-ready site located in downtown East Lansing that includes properties that are publicly and privately owned.

The privately owned properties were acquired by WGR Finance LLC. WGR Finance LLC is working with DRW Holdings LLC to develop the privately owned properties. Plans were submitted for the properties at 100-140 W Grand River Ave. in fall 2016, which have since been revised by the applicant. The latest plans were submitted in March 2017.

April 2017 Submittal of Plans

March 2017 Submittal of Plans

Fall 2016 Submittal of Plans

Demolition of Buildings

The owners of the private properties demolished the Evergreen Arms Apartments, 341-345 Evergreen Ave., in July 2016 and the DDA-owned building at 303 Abbot Road was demolished in August 2016. The deadline for demolition of the properties fronting Grand River Avenue, between Abbot Road and Peoples Church, was extended by City Council to April 30, 2017.

Experts Weigh in on Park District Vision

Marybeth Graebert of the MSU Land Policy Institute previously wrote about the project. Read the article

MLive asked two urban planners what they would envision for the Park District Planning area project. Read the opinions of Mark Wilson, professor at the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction, and Zenia Kotval, professor at the MSU School of Planning Design and Construction.

Community Feedback

Community members are welcome to share their feedback on the proposed Park District project. 


Date Summary
March 16, 2017 Discussion of site plan at DDA Project & Infrastructure Committee Meeting
March 22, 2017 Planning Commission Public Hearing
April 12, 2017 Planning Commission to consider Site Plan
April 13, 2017 Downtown Development Authority to hold special meeting to review Site Plan
April 13, 2017 Discussion of Brownfield Plan at Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Special Meeting
April 20, 2017 Discussion of Brownfield Plan at Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Special Meeting
April 25, 2017 Public Hearings for Brownfield Plan & Site Plan at East Lansing City Council Meeting