Michigan Avenue Corridor

Michigan Avenue is a commercial corridor of regional importance economically, historically and culturally, and functions as a gateway to mid-Michigan and the entire State of Michigan. It also links downtown East Lansing, downtown Lansing, the State Capital and Michigan State University, while serving as one of the most important transportation arteries in the region. It is located between downtown East Lansing and Pere Marquette Street in Lansing.
Michigan Avenue Corridor Maps
The revitalization project is a partnership between the City of East Lansing, City of Lansing, Lansing Township and Michigan State University. The ultimate goal of the project is to revitalize and beautify the Michigan Avenue corridor, to make it more walkable, connect a multitude of employers and cultural resources and create a pleasant living environment for surrounding neighbors.

Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority
In light of the passage of the Corridor Improvement Authority Act and the work of an Exploratory Committee, the Cities of Lansing and East Lansing along with Lansing Township have each created local Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authorities, which are aimed at improving the Michigan Avenue corridor. In addition, the three jurisdictions are exploring ways in which to coordinate the revitalization of the entire Michigan Avenue Corridor.

Conceptual Development Plan
Adopted in 2008, the document outlines corridor vision and goals and serves as a foundation for the Michigan Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority. The main goal is to improve Michigan Avenue from downtown East Lansing to Pere Marquette Street in Lansing.

Supporting Actions & Studies
The supporting actions and studies build upon the initial efforts around the Michigan Avenue Corridor Conceptual Development Plan, several initiatives, plans and projects are related to the Michigan Avenue Corridor.