Top 10 Accident Locations

The East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) complies the top 10 accident locations found in the City of East Lansing. ELPD would like to remind its citizens to use appropriate care and caution when traveling through these high-traffic areas.
  1. Grand River Avenue / Hagadorn Road
  2. Trowbridge Road / US 127
  3. Coolidge Hagadorn Road / Lake Lansing Road
  4. Abbot Hagadorn Road / Lake Lansing Road
  5. Abbot Hagadorn Road / Saginaw Highway
  6. Harrison Hagadorn Road/ Michigan Avenue
  7. Grand River Avenue / Harrison Road
  8. Hagadorn Hagadorn Road / Saginaw Avenue
  9. Lake Lansing Road / West Road
  10. Abbott Road / Burcham Avenue