Parking & Code Enforcement

Parking and Code Enforcement (PACE) is responsible for parking enforcement and the enforcement of ordinances that maintain the safety and appearance of neighborhoods, including litter, snow removal, lawn maintenance and refuse/recycling storage. PACE officers respond to citizen complaints, as well as initiating enforcement.

PACE operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is under the direction of the East Lansing Police Department. 

Need-to-Know Ordinances

A list of Need-to-Know Ordinances, including information on landscaping, litter, pools, open alcohol, noise and outdoor furniture has been compiled for residents. 

History of PACE

PACE began operations in 1994 in response to a series of ordinances passed by the East Lansing City Council that addressed litter, abandoned vehicles, overgrown lawns and snow and ice removal. The ordinances were created in response to community complaints of deteriorating and blighted conditions in some neighborhoods.

Property Violation Notices

If a property is issued a property violation notice, there is a specified period of time allowed for compliance. If the officer re-inspects the property and it is found to be in compliance, it is noted in the file report. If the property is not in compliance upon the second inspection, a civil infraction citation is issued to the property. If the property remains in non-compliance, PACE may work with the Department of Public Works to abate the problem and bring the property into compliance. This cost is assessed to the property owner.