Discount Monthly Parking Permits

Discounted monthly parking permits are available in a variety of parking garages and lots throughout the downtown. The parking permits are sold by the calendar month. 

Garages & Parking Platforms

LocationAvailabilityMonthly Fee Access Card Fee Renewal Late FeeReplacement Fee 
Albert Avenue Garage Lower Level,
188 Albert Ave. 
24 hours / 7 days$130$20$10 $20
Charles Street Garage,
121 Charles St.
24 hours / 7 days
$125 - lower levels 
$100 - upper levels
$20$10 $20
Grove Street Garage,
330 Grove St.
24 hours / 7 days$130 - lower levels

$105 - upper levels 
$20$10 $20
Division Street Garage,
181 Division St.
24 hours / 7 days$115 - lower levels
$90 - upper levels
$20$10 $20
M.A.C. Garage,
310 M.A.C. Ave.
24 hours / 7 days$95$20$10$20
Albert Avenue Lot,
101 Albert Ave.
24 hours / 7 days$95
City Hall West,
415 Abbot Road
24 hours / 7 days$90

West Village - Valley Court24 hours / 7 days$95

Bailey Street Parking Lot,
139 Bailey Street
24 hours / 7 days$130

VIP All Access Permit

Parking in all gated facilities$200 $20$10$20

How to Purchase Monthly Parking Permits

Monthly parking permits can be purchased at the Treasury Department, 410 Abbot Road. Permits can be also purchased over the phone by calling the Treasury Department at (517) 319-6860. After the 15th of the month, permits are prorated for the remaining days of the month. Customers will need to know the license plate number at the time of purchase. 

How to Renew Monthly Parking Permits

Access card permits may be renewed online at Remit Online, over the phone at (517) 319-6860 or in person at the Treasury Department, 410 Abbot Road. Paper windshield permits must be renewed in person at City Hall, 410 Abbot Road. Permits not renewed prior to the first of the month will be assessed a $10 reactivation fee.

Renewals are guaranteed if renewed by the 25th of the month.

Important Information

  • Permit parking in parking garages are located on the upper levels past the second entrance gate (unless a lower level parking permit is purchased). 
  • An access card must be purchased for an initial $20 fee and used each time a customer enters/exits the garage, even if the gates are up. Customers who have an upper level permit are required to use the access card at two entrance gates and two exit gates. Any deviation from this sequence will result in an out-of-sequence error, causing the access card to not work. A $25.00 fee may be assessed for resetting the permit. 
  • Customers are responsible for damaged, lost or stolen access cards/permits. A new proximity permit card costs $20 and a new paper permit costs $25.
  • The City of East Lansing is not responsible for any vehicle damage or theft while on City property. It is advised that you keep valuables out of sight and vehicles securely locked.