Bike, Moped & Motorcycle Parking

Park your bicycles, mopeds or motorcycles, while you enjoy the many shops, restaurants, services and art galleries in downtown East Lansing. Learn about bike registration and safety.

Bicycle Parking

  • Free bicycle parking is available in any of the downtown bike racks or the designated bike parking areas inside the Division Street Parking Garage (181 Division St.) and Grove Street Garage (330 Grove St.).
  • Bicycles unregistered or in disrepair may be considered abandoned and impounded.
  • Bicycles must be registered.

Moped Parking

  • Moped parking is available at designated moped parking areas inside Albert Avenue garage (188 Albert Ave.), Division Street garage (181 Division St.), and Grove Street garage (330 Grove St.).  Motorcycles prohibited.  A permit is required for parking in moped parking areas as of July 1, 2021.  Moped permits will be sold through the East Lansing Finance Department by calling 517-319-6860.  The cost is $60 July-December and $60 January-June.
  • Mopeds may also park in regular vehicle parking spaces. Normal hourly parking fees apply.
  • Mopeds unregistered or in disrepair may be considered abandoned and impounded.

Motorcycle Parking

  • Motorcycles must park in vehicle parking spaces. 
  • Motorcycles are required to pay parking fees.
  • Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in bike racks, designated bike parking areas and sidewalks.

General Bicycle Parking

Unless otherwise prohibited, you may secure a bicycle to any City-owned pole or post (except a parking meter, tree, fire hydrant, police or fire call box) in any manner that does not obstruct or present a safety hazard to pedestrians or other traffic.