Junk Mail

Reducing Junk Mail
Are you tired of endless credit card applications or catalogs in the mail? If so, follow the following three steps to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. These three steps should significantly reduce the amount of junk mail you receive in about 30 days:
  1. Reduce mail order sales companies from sending you junk mail by contacting the Direct Marketing Association and request your name be added to their suppression list (this should reduce junk mail from these sources by about 75%)
    Direct Marketing Association
    Preference Service
    PO Box 9008
    Farmingdale, NY 11736
    Ph: (212) 768-7277
  2. Reduce junk mail from unsolicited credit and insurance offers by calling one of the following companies:
    • Equifax: (888) 567-8688
    • TransUnion: (800) 680-7293
  3. Write or call the company soliciting you directly and request that your name be removed from any list they use or share.