Forestry Definitions

Tree Trimming

The City annually conducts a routine winter trimming program in designated areas of the City. Trees are trimmed to improve the safety, health and appearance of trees and to maintain clearance over roadways (14') and sidewalks (8'). Trees are also trimmed on an as-needed basis to remove hazardous, broken or diseased limbs and to maintain clearance.

Tree Removal

The City removes street and park trees when they are dead, diseased, dying or present a hazard. Trees scheduled for trimming or removal are marked by a bright pink or orange paint dot. Tree removal work is completed by an outside contractor, Ayles Tree Service, on behalf of the City. Limbs and debris are cleaned up and removed from the site once the tree is removed. Residents who have landscape plants and material at or near the trunk of a tree are required to remove the material prior to tree removal activities.

Stump Grinding

Trees are cut as close to the ground as possible. Tree stumps are removed at a later date. Grinding activities are completed by Ayles Tree Service. Once the stump is ground out, City crews follow up within about 1-2 business days by removing the stump grindings and filling the remaining hole with topsoil and seed. Stump grinding is typically completed in the spring and fall to coincide with the grass growing seasons. Residents who have buried underground utilities, such as sprinkler systems or pet containment systems, are responsible for clearly marking their locations prior to stump grinding activities.

Emergency Work

Wind and ice storms can break tree limbs or entire trees. Trees with broken limbs hanging in them can be hazardous and should be reported to the Public Works Department as soon as possible. City crews and the City's contractor work to eliminate hazardous tree conditions and to clean up debris after storms. When storms are severe and damage is widespread, the City may provide storm damage cleanup throughout the City. The Department of Public Works Department will communicate details on storm cleanup pickups on the website.