Departmental Divisions

Environmental Operations

Sanitation Division - responsible for all residential refuse, recycling, yard waste and bulk item collection and disposal. The division also provides recycling services to all City buildings and some local businesses and distributes and repairs Easy Carts and recycling bins. 

Parks Maintenance Division - maintains all of the City’s parks, trails, green spaces, and boulevard and street islands. The division is also responsible for Downtown maintenance, landscape maintenance on all City buildings and City tree trimming, as well as snow removal at City facilities, parking lots, parking ramps and 62 miles of sidewalk.

Garage Division - maintains all of the City’s fleet of vehicles including heavy equipment, light duty vehicles and Police, Fire and EMS vehicles. Additionally, the division is responsible for maintaining the City’s fueling depot.  

Infrastructure Operations

Streets Division - maintains eight miles of state trunklines, 26 miles of major streets and 63 miles of local streets. The division is responsible for pavement maintenance, street sweeping, fall bulk leaf removal, snow and ice removal, traffic control and pavement marking maintenance. 

Sewer Division - maintains approximately 190 miles of public sewers, 4,250 manholes and 2,925 catch basins. The sewer system is a combination of sanitary sewers, storm sewers and combined sewers. The division is responsible for sewer cleaning, catch basin cleaning, sewer repair and drainage structure repair. 

Water Division - maintains approximately 130 miles of water mains, 2,450 valves and 1,060 fire hydrants throughout the City. The division is responsible for water main flushing, water main repair, valve exercising, valve repair and fire hydrant repair.  

Meter Shop Division - maintains approximately 7,850 water meters. The division is responsible for meter reading, meter replacement, new meter installation, investigation of unusual water usage and water service shut-offs. 


If you have concerns regarding potholes, a sewer backup, a water leak or street flooding, call the Department of Public Works at (517) 337-9459 or (517) 351-4220 - option 1 for after-hours emergency calls.