Ordinances & Policies

The City of East Lansing routinely reviews its ordinances and policies regarding stormwater management issues to meet changing conditions and to comply with federal and state regulations. In 2007, the City Council approved revisions to the Municipal Code - Chapter 46 - Utilities, Article IV., Separate Storm Sewer System Service to comply with the Illicit Discharge Elimination Plan requirements.

In March 2016, the City instituted its Post Construction Stormwater Management Guidance Manual.  Chapter I, City of East Lansing Post Construction Management Ordinance was formally adopted by the City Council.  Chapter II, City of East Lansing Stormwater Policy & Procedures Manual and Chapter III, City of East Lansing Stormwater Design Manual were adopted as policy resolutions by the City Council.

The City also reviewed and/or updated its tree clearing, wetlands, Soil Erosion & Sedimentation and other ordinances and policies to comply with the requirements of its 2015 NPDES Permit.