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Learn about upcoming and current construction in the City of East Lansing. Please note that the City of East Lansing does not have jurisdiction over all streets in East Lansing and some road construction projects are the responsibility of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), Michigan State University or neighboring communities.

For more information, please contact Assistant Engineering Administrator Nicole McPherson by email or phone, (517) 319-6928.
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April 2017

BWL will be performing power line maintenance work under an MDOT permit along Saginaw Street, between Abbot Road and Hagadorn Road. Intermittent lane closures are expected.

Press Release
April - June 30, 2017 Sidewalk construction is currently underway at the Coleman-Coolidge intersection and will also be taking place in the coming weeks/months at the Coleman-Shearwater intersection, Lake Lansing Road east of Abbot Road and Abbot Road, from the East Lansing Fire Department south to approximately 500 feet north of Saginaw Street. Press Release
April 2017 Sewer repair work is currently underway on Harrison Road, between Kalamazoo Street and Michigan Avenue. Press Release