Mechanical Permit Fees

The following is an outline of some of the City of East Lansing's Building Division fees for mechanical permits.

Please note: the Application/Base Fee is $60 and non-refundable.

Mechanical Installations

Furnace and attached ducts                                                           $30                          
(include chimney liner if required)  
Add roof top units $40

Heaters and Vent/Duct Installations

Each suspended, recessed wall or floor-mounted 
unit heater
Each appliance vent/duct not included in an 
appliance permit
Relocation or replacement of existing 
water heater
Repair, alteration or addition to existing
mechanical systems/refrigeration/duct work

Air Conditioning, Boilers & Refrigeration

Air Conditioning (includes split systems) $30                   
Boiler - Residential $50
Boiler - Commercial 
(includes gas piping, venting & combustion air)
                                          *Will Require State Permit*  
Commercial Refrigeration
(self-contained & split-system)
Hydronic Piping $25

Air Handlers, Heat Pumps & Evap Coolers

Each unit through 10,000 cfm $35              
Each unit over 10,000k cfm  $55
HP, Geo Thermal - Complete Residential $40           

Ventilation, Exhaust & Hood System

Each dryer, bath and kitchen exhaust
(residential exhaust fan)
Ventilation system not under heating or
air conditioning system permit
Each commercial-type hood served by 
mechanical exhaust

Gas Piping

*Medical gas requires PLMG permit  
Each gas piping system (one to five outlets)                   $25                      
Six or more outlets, per outlet $10

Other Appliances & Equipment

Each appliance or piece of equipment not included in other
appliance categories or no other fee is indicated
Suppression Systems $60
Fire suppression heads, each $2                        

Other Inspections & Fees

Inspections outside normal business hours, per hour 
(one hour minimum)
Investigation Fee $80
Testing per hour $70
Re-Inspection Fee $70
Additional Inspection $70
Final Inspection (REQUIRED) $70                  
Plan Review Fee 40%