Curbside Pickup


Curbside pickup parking zones are designated throughout downtown East Lansing and can be identified by their bright pink signs and/or parking spaces. Customers may use these free parking spaces for up 15 minutes while waiting to pick up a curbside order. 

Locations for these zones include:

  • Bailey Street Parking Lot, 139 Bailey St.
  • Albert Avenue Garage, 188 Albert Ave. 
  • Division Street Garage, 181 Division St.
  • Valley Court Park, 280 Valley Court
  • 300 block of Albert Avenue
  • 300 block of M.A.C. Avenue

View the fun videos below to learn more about the curbside pickup zones and the 15-minute FREE grace period* in downtown East Lansing's gated facilities.

*Parking visits that are under 15 minutes in downtown East Lansing's gated facilities are free. Parking customers will pull a ticket upon entering a gated facility and, if their visit is less than 15 minutes, it will be free. Full rates do apply for visits that are over 15 minutes.