Important Ordinances

Ordinance 900A

Adopted in 1997, this was the original ordinance passed by the City regulating rental units. View Ordinance 900A.

Rental Overlay Districts

The City of East Lansing’s Residential Rental Overlay Districts provide an important service in ensuring that its neighborhoods will continue to have a balance of owner-occupied and rental housing. Below you will find important information regarding the overlay districts, including links to the ordinances which provide the basis for the districts in the City's zoning code:

Enabling Ordinances

  • Ordinance 1035C (PDF) - Adopted in 2004, this is the original ordinance authorizing the creation of the City's residential rental overlay districts.
  • Ordinance 1091 (PDF) - Adopted approximately six months after the enactment of Ordinance 1035C, 1091 amended the procedure for the establishment of the overlay districts and clarified their effect on the local zoning.
  • Ordinance 1251 (PDF) - Adopted in 2011, this ordinance further amended the procedures required for the establishment of new rental overly districts.