Licensing & Permits

The following licenses and permits are handled through the City Clerk's Office. If you have questions, please contact (517) 319-6914.

Chapter 8; Art. II, Div. 2 & 3 (PDF) Art. IV Div. 1 & 2

License / Permit
City Code Reference
Amusement Center and/or Video Arcade (PDF)
license required to operate amusement and/or video arcade service
Chapter 8; Art. II, Div. 2 & 3; Art. V, Div. 1 & 4 (PDF)
Block Party (PDF)
Approval required to hold a block party
Policy Resolution 2005-2 (PDF)
Backyard Chicken Permit (PDF)
Permit application required for residents to keep no more than four chickens in one's backyard
Chapter 4: Animals (PDF)
Charitable Gaming (PDF)
State-issued license to obtain recognition as a non-profit operating in East Lansing
State of Michigan
Dance Halls (PDF)
License application required to hold a public dance
Ordinance 1278 (PDF)
Electric Skateboards (PDF)
Use of Right-of-Way Application for Electric Skateboards (PDF)
License application required for deployment of electric skateboards in East Lansing
Ordinance 1453 (PDF)
Administrative Order (PDF)
Entertainment (PDF)
License application required to offer entertainment in restaurants
Ordinance 1278 (PDF)
Facility Use (PDF)
License application for use of community parks, downtown parking and urban plazas

Mobile Food Vending Program
Annual license or temporary permit applications required for any motorized or nonmotorized vehicle, trailer, stand, cart or other device designed to be portable and not permanently attached to the ground, from which food is prepared onsite and vended, served or offered for sale.
Ordinance No. 1510 (PDF)
Policy Resolution 2021-18 (PDF)

Liquor License (PDF)
License application required to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises
Policy Statement 1989-2 (PDF)
DDA Liquor License Criteria (PDF)
News Vending Device (PDF)
License application required to distribute newspapers
Chapter 38, Article 4, Sec. 38-201 (PDF)
*Peddlers / Solicitors & Transient Merchants (PDF)
License application required for mobile vending and solicitation
Chapter 8; Art. II, Div. 2 & 3; Art. III, Div. 1& 2 (PDF)
Precious Metal / Gem Dealers (PDF)
License application required to operate precious metal/gem sales
Chapter 30; Art. II | Precious Metal/Gem Dealer Act (PDF)
Restaurants (PDF)
License application required to operate a restaurant in the City
 Chapter 8, Article IV
Rubbish (PDF)
License application required to operate rubbish removal services
Chapter 36; Art. III (PDF)
Run & Walk Application (PDF)
Application for a run and/or walk on streets and trails. 
Second Hand / Junk Dealers (PDF)
License application required to operate second hand/resale sales
Chapter 30; Art. II (PDF)
Street Closure Request (PDF)
Street closure request application for businesses holding special events
Policy Resolution 2022-15
Tobacco (PDF)
License application required for vending and over-counter sales of tobacco
Chapter 26; Art. VI, Div. 5, Subdivision II (PDF)
Wrecker/Towing (PDF)
License application required to operate wrecker/towing services
 Chapter 8; Art. II, Div. 2 & 3; Art. VIII, Div. 1 & 2 (PDF)