MSUFCU Branch and Innovation Office Space

Neumann/Smith Architecture, on behalf of Michigan State Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU), has submitted plans for a seven-story (105 feet tall) commercial building with a gross floor area of approximately 87,822 square feet.

The building is intended to include an MSUFCU Branch Credit Union on the ground floor, a community space, general office space, tenant spaces for lease and related support and service spaces. It is intended to be built where the current Abbot/Albert Avenue Parking Lot is located at the northwest corner of the Abbot-Albert intersection. Additional land adjacent to the lot (made available by the realignment of Albert Avenue) is also a part of the proposed project site. Parking for the building would be provided by the existing municipal system.

This site plan submittal was authorized by the East Lansing City Council through a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) with MSUFCU. The City of East Lansing and MSUFCU entered into the PSA in conjunction with a ballot proposal to authorize the sale of the property, which was approved by voters in March 2020.  

The formal submittal of a site plan and special use permit application signifies the beginning of the approval process for the project. It is scheduled for a public hearing by the Planning Commission on July 22, with subsequent meetings expected by the Transportation Commission, Planning Commission and Downtown Development Authority. Any recommendations from these commissions are expected to be considered by the City Council in the fall.

Links to relevant documents are below: