2008 Recipient Bios

Community Award
Father Mark Inglot
Father Mark Inglot has served his church and community in countless ways. Appointed pastor of Saint John's Student Parish in June 2000, Inglot has touched the lives of many young MSU students, Greeks and community members across East Lansing through his hours of compassionate, above-and-beyond service.

A pastor to thousands, Father Mark has dedicated much of his life to bringing together the East Lansing community. An MSU alumni and role model with deep roots right here in East Lansing, Father Mark works closely with MSU students and students within the Greek community, frequently guest lectures for MSU, supports MSU faculty and staff endeavors and offers support to the larger East Lansing community.

Father Mark has also offered invaluable assistance to the East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) as its volunteer chaplain. As chaplain, Father Mark regularly counsels officers, provides trainings, attends police receptions and serves as on-call counsel to families dealing with tragedy and distressed circumstances. Father Mark has on many occasions visited families in the middle of the night who have recently suffered a tragic loss.

Father Mark is honored and commended for the number of selfless hours he has spent not only helping and nurturing others, but serving as a bridge to all people. Every action he has taken has been in an effort to create a better East Lansing.

Frank Leahey
It is through the magic of film that Frank Leahey has found a way to preserve cultural heritage while entertaining members of the East Lansing community for more than 17 years. Leahey's passion for sharing the magic of film with others, combined with an extensive collection of the greatest films ever made, has contributed to many hours of education and amusement for the many film aficionados across East Lansing.

Leahey has spent countless hours serving as a volunteer at the East Lansing Public Library (ELPL) and is celebrated for his creation of ELPL's Monday Evening Film Series. In addition to selecting the films for the library's popular film series, Leahey created flyers in promotion of the series and even served as the movie projectionist. Leahey is also celebrated for opening the Odeon, a small film house in Frandor, several years back. After the beloved Odeon closed, Leahey began the Vintage Film Series as part of the East Lansing Prime Time Seniors' Program. This monthly film series is still up and running today, with two features films shown each month.

Leahey began sharing his love of film with the East Lansing community at a time when there were no VCRs, DVDs or movie channels. And yet, even with all of the other options for movie lovers today, a large audience makes their way to the East Lansing Hannah Community Center for the Monday Evening Film Series each month to see what movie Leahey has chosen to feature next. No matter the genre, whether it be avant-garde, obscure, foreign or the socially relevant, Leahey's film choices have a way of bringing his loyal audiences back to reminiscent times of the past.

He is commended for his longevity of service and for the countless hours of entertainment he has provided to community members.

Ann Nichols
Ann Nichols has embraced the spirit of community by thinking outside the box in her Oakwood Neighborhood. Through her role as Oakwood Neighborhood president and with numerous small initiatives, Nichols has found a way to bring the diverse mix of neighbors residing in Oakwood together in a way that has reshaped the neighborhood and garnered a shared appreciation and respect along Oakwood's tree-lined streets.

The Oakwood Neighborhood began experiencing a number of changes in the early 1990's, when more and more rental housing was introduced in the area. As concern for the dynamics of the neighborhood grew, Nichols took the glass-half-full perspective on things and began to take advantage of the new diversity. Through her door-to-door style, she found ways for neighbors to tap into each other's resources and talents through the creation of babysitting lists, lawn mowing services and the famous "brownie brigade." The "brownie brigade" consists of a number of homeowners who bake brownies each fall and deliver them to MSU students, serving as a nice warm welcome to the neighborhood.

Nichols has also been instrumental in getting her neighborhood involved in city government. As issues and concerns have arisen in Oakwood over the years, Nichols has served as not only an informer, but also a compassionate listening ear and strong, representative voice. Nichols has pulled together all facets of her neighborhood to provide input on important projects and issues that face the community. Nichols is recognized as a neighborhood preservationist and urban pioneer by the many neighbors who have gotten to know her and become her friend and neighbor over the past years.

Business Award
MSU Federal Credit Union
Founded in 1937, the MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) has become the world's largest university-based credit union by providing personal financial services to its members through innovative services and technology. MSUFCU is a financial cooperative that is woven into the very fiber of the East Lansing community, not only by making loans for the community members' mortgages and vehicles, but by supporting the passions of the community it serves.

MSUFCU has played an important role in the lives of many students, alumni and residents alike. In addition to offering easy options for students seeking to open an account during their stay in East Lansing, MSUFCU has entered into the area of business accounts and loans. MSUFCU also offers numerous surcharge-free ATMs throughout the area. Any financial institution's card can be used at an MSUFCU surcharge-free ATM, allowing visitors and residents to access their pocketbook easily while enjoying East Lansing eateries and shops.

MSUFCU's contributions to the community do not stop at providing financial services. The business has become a "model corporate citizen" through its local community involvement and support of events. MSUFCU has supported the: East Lansing Art Festival, Summer Solstice Jazz Festival, East Lansing Film Festival, East Lansing Centennial Birthday Bash, Kresge Art Museum, Dino Dash, Wharton Center for the Performing Arts and purchase of Andromeda- an East Lansing public sculpture. MSUFCU also recently partnered with the City of East Lansing to develop a Web site, www.homeineastlansing.com, which promotes housing, real estate and job opportunities. MSUFCU has also supported the endeavors of the local business community through support of East Lansing's partnership with the Lansing Community Microenterprise Fund.