Payment Options

Due to COVID-19, East Lansing City Hall essential staff are working limited hours in the office and the building is currently closed to the public. Payments can be made over the phone Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. by calling (517) 337-1731, Option 1. Payments can also be made by mail and via the outdoor drop boxes at East Lansing City Hall, 410 Abbot Road. Other online payment options are noted below.

Utility (Water and Sewer) Bills 

CLICK HERE to pay your water and sewer bill. This will allow you to pay with credit card. You can also access your account history information. The first time you access this portal, you will need your account number and name on the account. If you need assistance with this information, please email or call (517) 319-6868. If you would like to sign up for automatic bank drafting (ACH) to pay your quarterly water and sewer bill, please CLICK HERE to enroll.

Property Taxes

CLICK HERE to access the BS&A portal to pay your property tax bill (current or delinquent). Payment options include credit card or e-check and a convenience fee does apply. This portal will also provide property information and bill history. You may also elect to pay via automatic bank drafting (ACH) for your 2020 summer and 2020 winter property tax bills. Note, these are a one-time election for this specific season, allowing you to select from 2 future payment dates for each tax bill. Any questions can be directed to or (517) 319- 6917. 

Monthly Parking Permits

Monthly parking permits for select downtown parking garages using the white access cards can be renewed HERE via credit card. A convenience fee does apply. If you receive a bill from the City for your parking permits, please utilize the Miscellaneous Bills portal noted below. Paper parking permits for surface lots cannot be renewed online. Please call (517) 337-1731, Option 1 for payment questions and (517) 337-1277 for parking-specific questions.

Miscellaneous Bills

Bills are sent out for items such as annual Easy Cart payment, parking validations, business parking permits, false alarms and other charges for services. If you received a miscellaneous bill (view sample bill) from the City of East Lansing, CLICK HERE to pay using credit card. The first time you access this portal, you will need your invoice number, billing date and amount to create an account. If you need assistance with this information, please email or call (517) 319-6917.

Building and Engineering Permits

CLICK HERE to access the BS&A portal (click on the Building Department Payments link)
to pay for your building/engineering permit using credit card or e-check. You can also apply for permits and inspections using this portal. Questions regarding building permits should be directed to Scott Weaver at or (517) 319.6878. Questions regarding engineering permits should be directed to the East Lansing Department of Public Works at (517) 337-9459 or to Brad Phillips at

Housing Licenses

CLICK HERE to pay your housing license or inspection fees using the BS&A portal (click on the Building Department Payments link). Payments can be made using credit card or e-check. Questions should be directed to Annette Irwin at or (517) 319-6801. 

For additional City of East Lansing and East Lansing 54B District Court payment and purchase options, CLICK HERE.

Income Tax Payments

Income tax returns and payments should be mailed to:

East Lansing Income Tax Processing Center
PO BOX 526
Eaton Rapids MI 48827

Payments can be made via check, money order or direct debit if account information is included on the tax return. Payments need to be accompanied by a tax return or a payment voucher that lists the name, address and full social security number for the taxpayer. Please contact the Income Tax Department with any questions or concerns at or (517) 319-6862