Internal Investigation - December 2019

The East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) has released body-worn camera and in-car video footage and documents related to an internal investigation and Michigan State Police review into an allegation of excessive force during an arrest that was made in December 2019. The redacted documents can be viewed here. The documents include:

1. Complaint Against Employee face sheet with disposition notated
2. Internal investigation narrative documenting the findings of the investigation
3. Both Michigan State Police investigation/review reports (T/S and 7-11 incidents)
4. ELPD police report

Links to the videos are below:

Video 1: Body-Worn Camera - Officer Stephenson
Video 2: Body-Worn Camera - Officer Siemen
Video 3: Body-Worn Camera - Officer Nelson
Video 4: Body-Worn Camera - Officer Nelson 
Video 5: In-Car Camera - Officer Nelson

All body-worn cameras were functioning during the arrest.