Pay Parking Tickets

Please read the following information before proceeding with payment:

  • If you are paying a meter violation by the end of the next business day, you must manually change the amount to $10 on the credit card page.
  • Payments made online are not processed until the court's next business day. 
  • Tickets received the same day or while the court is closed may take up to three days to appear. Contact the court if your ticket does not appear after three days.  
  • Payments paid to the wrong ticket number may be voided. Please contact the court if you are unable to locate your ticket number.
  • If you have a warrant for your arrest on this ticket, the warrant will not be canceled until the court's next business day.
  • If your driver's license is suspended or on hold, it will not be cleared until the court's next business day. 

Click below to proceed to payment:

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