Infrastructure Restructure

A major construction project, entitled Infrastructure Restructure, will begin this spring in East Lansing, bringing much needed underground sewer improvements to Michigan Avenue, the Michigan-Harrison intersection and local streets in the area.

Infrastructure Restructure will: 

  • Provide improvements to aging sewage infrastructure in the area by replacing the original sewer system that is in poor condition with new sanitary, combined and storm sewer infrastructure; and lining neighborhood sewers to extend service life.
  • Create a more efficient underground system by increasing capacity.
  • Reduce the potential for treated CSO overflows from the Retention Treatment Basin into the Red Cedar River by improving flow to the Red Cedar Interceptor and Water Resource Recovery Facility.
  • Provide an opportunity to separate storm water from the wastewater system in the Michigan Avenue right-of-way.

Construction Locations 

The project will be conducted in phases and will include underground construction at the
Michigan-Harrison intersection and along Michigan Avenue, from Harrison Road to Highland Avenue. Construction will also take place on the west side of the Brody Complex on the MSU campus and along a small portion of Kalamazoo street, and a new sewer lining will be installed during a later phase of the project along University Drive, from Michigan Avenue to Oak Street; on Oak Street, from University Drive to Harrison Road; and on Harrison Road, from Oak Street to Huntington Road. View Construction Map (PDF) for more information, including traffic impact details.

One lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction along Michigan Avenue throughout the majority of the project, with the exception of three weekend closures. View the key construction dates below for more information. 

Key Construction Dates

Approximate Dates* Construction Info Additional Info
March 7-11, 2019 Trees will be removed from the intersection of Michigan Avenue. News Release
March 28, 2019 Construction on Kalamazoo Street and the area west of Brody Road will begin.

Traffic Impact: No road closures are anticipated for the Brody Neighborhood sewer work. A pedestrian detour will be in place along the adjacent sidewalk on Kalamazoo Street. 
Construction Map (PDF)
May 6, 2019 Construction will begin in the Michigan-Harrison intersection and will last approximately six weeks.

Traffic Impact: Motorists along Michigan Avenue will not be impacted. Harrison Road traffic will be able to turn onto Michigan Avenue, but will not be able to go through the intersection. A detour will be in place.
Detour Maps (PDF)
June 1-2, 2019 Westbound Michigan Avenue will be closed to traffic and a detour will be in place. Detour Map (PDF)
June 29-30, 2019 Eastbound Michigan Avenue will be closed to traffic and a detour will be in place. Detour Map (PDF)
July 27-28, 2019 Westbound Michigan Avenue will be closed to traffic and a detour will be in place. Detour Map (PDF)
August 23, 2019 The Michigan-Harrison intersection is expected to fully re-open to traffic.  
November 15, 2019 Final paving will be complete on Michigan Avenue and Harrison Road.  
April 20, 2020 Final site restoration, including replacement of trees removed from Michigan Avenue median, will be completed.