Park Place

On December 17, 2019, the development team consisting of Royal Apartments, LLC and Vlahakis Development, LLC submitted a site plan and special use permit application for a mixed-use redevelopment on the northwest corner of Abbot Road and Albert Avenue. This approximately 2.25-acre site consists of parcels owned by the East Lansing Downtown Development Authority (314-344 Evergreen Ave.), the City of East Lansing (Abbot / Albert Parking Lot, 311 Abbot Road) and two private owners (327 Abbot Road and 404 Evergreen Ave.).

The proposed project includes retail space, office space, a twelve-screen movie theater, rental and for-sale residential uses and a mechanical parking system. Planning staff are reviewing the project, which is expected to have an initial public hearing at the East Lansing Planning Commission on January 23, 2019. More information will be posted soon.