Taxpayer Impact Calculator for Residents

This calculator is designed for East Lansing residents* with a household income in excess of $5,000 and there is a $600 deduction for each personal and dependency exemption that can be claimed on an individual's federal income tax return. The taxable value of a resident's home can be found on their tax bill or by visiting

*Please note that if you live in East Lansing and work in a city where you already pay a city income tax, your income will only be taxed at an additional .5%. To get an accurate result of your additional taxes using this calculator, only include half of your taxable income earned in that city. If you live in a city that has an income tax, you will pay no additional city income tax, but half of what you currently pay would go to the City of East Lansing if the income tax proposal passes.

*This calculator is for estimation purposes only.